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Peggy Noonan: By the Book
The author, most recently, of “The Time of Our Lives” isn’t impressed with recent books by presidential contenders: “They were mostly unreal and insincere.”

Children’s Books: A Place to Learn
A picture book offers a look at a home-schooling family’s day.

‘Memory Theater,’ by Simon Critchley
Critchley imagines a structure for memories in a novel filled with philosophy references.

The Novel’s Evil Tongue
To live without gossip is to scorn storytelling, and thus literature.

Ivory Tower: All Things Being Unequal
New books ask whether economic inequality is the real problem — or whether our preoccupation with it distracts us from more fundamental issues.

Author’s Note: The King and I
If literary fiction is Brooklyn, the historical novel is Queens.

‘Lactivism,’ by Courtney Jung
Breast-feeding has become a question with social, political, medical and moral implications.

‘Nut Country’ and ‘Right Out of California’
Two books explore the origins — in California in the 1930s and Texas in the 1950s — of today’s far right.

The Shortlist: Fiction in Translation
New books by Marianne Fritz, Hasan Ali Toptas, Ronit Matalon, Antonio Tabucchi and Yasmina Khadra.

‘The New and Improved Romie Futch,’ by Julia Elliott
Mutated animals, including a giant monster pig, populate a novel that defies categorization.

‘Fox Tooth Heart,’ by John McManus
Unusual stories at once lurid and insightful.

‘The Mountain Shadow,’ by Gregory David Roberts
Tough guys and washed-out expats take the stage in a sequel to “Shantaram.”

‘The Horse,’ by Wendy Williams
A biography of the horse and its long, complex partnership with people.

‘The Death of Cancer,’ by Vincent T. DeVita Jr. and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn
An oncologist reviews issues involved in cancer treatment, and explains his aggressive approach.

Open Book: Serving the Truth
Though Magda Szabo’s work dealt with life behind the Iron Curtain, she considered art a sphere apart from politics.

William H. Gass’s ‘Eyes’ and John Barth’s ‘Collected Stories’
Collections of fiction by two American writers over 80 test the boundaries of narrative form.

‘The Relic Master,’ by Christopher Buckley
Buckley’s satire imagines a quest for a religious artifact.

Paperback Row
Paperback books of particular interest.

John Sedgwick’s ‘War of Two: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Duel That Stunned the Nation’
Telling the story of the rivalry that led to the Burr-Hamilton duel.

Editors’ Choice
Recently reviewed books of particular interest.

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