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Essay: What Do This Season’s Political Books Tell Us About the Election?
The divisions on display in this election year are not unique in our history. This season’s books offer insights on how we got here.
Nonfiction: When Republicans Draw District Boundaries, They Can’t Lose. Literally.
A supercharged brand of gerrymandering is undermining democracy.
By the Book: Annie Proulx: By the Book
The author of “The Shipping News” and, most recently, “Barkskins” says books of prognostication, business, technology, entrepreneurial success and patriotic stuff are “not my cup of tea.”
Nonfiction: Why Conservative Intellectuals Hate Trump
A leading conservative intellectual argues that both parties are suffering from unrealistic nostalgia for a bygone era.
Crime: The Latest and Best in Crime Fiction
Walter Mosley’s mellow private eye, Easy Rawlins, is back in “Charcoal Joe.”
Nonfiction: Calvin Trillin Looks Back on 50 Years Covering Black Life in America
A reporter assesses a half-century of race relations in America.
Nonfiction: Finance Is the Master Technology — and It’s Funded the World
An economist argues that civilization’s rise hangs on the power of finance.
Nonfiction: Opening the Door to a Conservative Court
Under Warren Burger’s leadership, the Supreme Court halted the rights revolution of the 1960s.
How to Send Us a Voice Memo About Your Favorite Summer Book
Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to sending us your story. We may use it in a future episode of our podcast, Inside the New York Times Book Review.
Insider Podcasts: How Does the Book Review Treat Books by Authors From the Times? Carefully
Pamela Paul, the editor of the Book Review, talks about the measures she takes to ensure objectivity in reviews of works by authors who work for The Times.
Inside The New York Times Book Review Podcast: Inside The New York Times Book Review: Why Populism Now?
Sam Tanenhaus talks about the season’s new political books; and Calvin Trillin discusses “Jackson, 1964,” a collection of his writing.
Paperback Row
Seven new paperbacks to check out this week.
Editors’ Choice
Nine new books recommended by the editors of The New York Times Book Review this week.
Nonfiction: Why the War on Terror May Never End
How the war on terror fuels its own continuance.
Open Book: Populism’s Origin Story
A look back at books that have attempted to tell the story of populism in the United States.
Nonfiction: Why Are Whites So Angry?
A history of white resentment of blacks since the Civil War.
Inside the List
Bobby Brown’s memoir, at No. 9 on the hardcover nonfiction list, is filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. And dance moves: “Break dancing, pop locking — man, I was unbelievable.”
Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to a recent review of Paul Tough’s “Helping Children Succeed” and more.
Fiction: In a New Novel, a Secular Muslim American Rejects the Burden of Labels
A novel explores questions vital to our national discourse around Islam.
The Shortlist: First Novels
New books by Elizabeth J. Church, Tracy Barone, Tracy Farr and Miroslav Penkov.
Nonfiction: A Look at America’s Long and Troubled History of White Poverty
The history of white poverty in America takes in race and class, stereotype and exploitation.
Children’s Books: ‘Birdsong,’ by James Sturm
A wordless picture book about two naughty children is inspired by the Japanese “paper theater” tradition.
Bookends: Is the Idea of ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ a Sign of Social Privilege?
Pankaj Mishra and Rivka Galchen discuss who gets to make art for art’s sake.

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