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Four Kroger Brand Spices Recalled

Four Kroger Brand Spices Recalled

How a Food Writer Deals With Diabetes

WebMD asks a food writer how she deals with a diabetes diagnosis – without derailing her career.

Ask the Expert: What Is Prediabetes?

WebMD has a diabetes expert answer your questions about prediabetes.

A Going-Out Guide for People With Diabetes

Whether you're on a dinner date or spending a night out with friends, WebMD knows that type 2 diabetes doesn't need to intrude like an unwanted guest.

Are Short Workouts Better for You?

Sometimes nibbling is better than gorging. Likewise, experts say divvying up your workouts into exercise "snacks" can be a wise idea. WebMD explains.

Bionic Eye Helps Restore Some Vision in 80-Year-Old
Retinal eye scan

An 80-year-old British man has become the first person to receive a bionic eye transplant to treat dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). WebMD has the details.

Fast Facts: Live Well With Diabetes

Diabetes news and statistics from WebMD.

Tips for Preventing Kids' Colds and Flu
girl sneezing

The top ways of keeping your kids from getting sick are washing hands and getting those flu shots.

Standing All Day at Work? It May Take Toll on Health
Women who only worked at night also had higher

Experiencing lower-limb muscle fatigue daily may have long-term consequences, study suggests

Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Linked by Common Risk Factors
Study finds diabetes, smoking and obesity also

Study finds diabetes, smoking and obesity also affect brain areas tied in memory

Outbreak Linked to This in Mexican Cilantro Fields

Outbreak Linked to This in Mexican Cilantro Fields

Protect Your Eyesight When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can harm one of your most prized assets: your eyesight. But WebMD says vision problems are not inevitable.

The Right Way to Lose Weight When You Have Diabetes

Dial back just a few digits on your bathroom scale, and WebMD says you'll likely get your blood sugar levels in check and feel better overall.

Your Child Has Type 1 Diabetes. Now What?

WebMD's crash course for parents dealing with a child's diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.

Expert Panel Recommends Questionnaire to Help Spot Depression
Levels of certain proteins may indicate

Form could be filled out during visit to family doctor, and patient could be referred for follow-up care

Big Swings in Blood Pressure Could Spell Trouble
Pressure that's too low -- or too high -- might

Wide fluctuations between doctor visits tied to raised odds of heart disease, early death, study says

By the Numbers: Monitoring Your Blood Sugar

If you were recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you'll need to learn all about blood sugar testing. WebMD Magazine has the details.

Time for a Pantry Makeover?

You can put together healthy meals in minutes when you've got a well-planned pantry and freezer. WebMD Magazine has the details.

The Truth About Stomach Flu

Stomach flu isn’t really a ‘flu.’ It’s gastroenteritis and can be caused by bacteria, a virus, or a parasite.

Hate to Exercise? How to Find Exercise Types You'll Like

Do you hate to exercise? You might not have tried the right type yet. WebMD tells how to find exercise that you'll enjoy and stick with.

Does Facebook Lead Young Women to Dangerous Diets?
Life satisfaction dropped as use increased among

Risk is highest for those who use social media site to compare themselves to friends, study finds

Nasal Balloon Can Treat Youngsters for 'Glue Ear'
For kids with a common hearing problem, procedure

For kids with a common hearing problem, procedure may be an alternative to antibiotics, drainage tubes

High Blood Sugar May Boost Alzheimer's Risk
Study links an apple-shaped figure to early signs

Insulin resistance can inhibit signaling between brain cells and affect memory, study suggests

Summer Safety Tips for Outdoor Fun

Whether you’re heading to a national park, a beach, or hiking the trails near home, these tips from WebMD will help you enjoy the great outdoors and stay safe.

Teens Using E-Cigs More Prone to Take Up Smoking: Study
Devices may serve as gateway to tobacco use,

Experts want greater regulation of these nicotine-containing products

New Moms Often Get Poor Advice on Baby Care: Study
But, small study did not determine effect on

Tips from family or media can run counter to expert guidelines on vaccines, breast-feeding

Is It a Cold or a Sinus Infection?

How can you tell the difference between a cold and a sinus infection? And how do you treat them?

What’s Causing Your Sore Throat?

How can you figure out what’s causing your sore throat?

Cough Relief: How to Lose a Bad Cough

Cold and flu season brings on hacking coughs that can leave your chest aching. But allergies, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, smoking, and even some medications can also cause chronic cough. Try WebMD's five tips to manage your cough at home.

Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Won't Necessarily Help Smokers Stop
Long-term study shows cardiac-health benefits in

Study finds two years of less addicting tobacco didn't increase quit rates

Look Great Even When You're Under the Weather

Snuggle up! Getting enough sleep can help your beauty routine when you have a cold.

9 Childhood Illnesses: Get the Facts

WebMD shares facts on 9 childhood illnesses you may not know about: RSV, fifth disease, croup, scarlet fever, impetigo, Kawasaki disease, Reye's syndrome, whooping cough, and hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Sex, Relationships, and Weight Loss

Does sex change after drastic weight loss? Are couples happier after one partner loses weight? Two women share their stories with WebMD.

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

WebMD explains what an addictive personality is and whether you might have one.

Daily Value for Added Sugars Coming to Food Labels
falling blue crystals

Food manufacturers will be required to tell consumers how much sugar is added to their products and show how the amount compares to recommended daily limits, under new changes to nutrition labels proposed by the FDA on Friday.

New Skin Cancer Drug Approved by FDA
Label warnings designed to limit use of

Odomzo is a pill for locally advanced basal cell carcinoma

Medical Marijuana May Pose Risk to Teens, Study Suggests
But, experts say small study is not conclusive,

Having access to legal source of pot was linked to greater addiction risk than buying drug illegally

Sushi Linked to Salmonella Outbreak: CDC

Sushi Linked to Salmonella Outbreak: CDC

Dementia Risk May Be Dropping With Generations
Findings may have implications for caregivers.

Study finds lower risk for people born after 1930 compared to those born earlier

Certain Generic Meds May Help Older Patients With Early Breast Cancer
Study found procedure might cut risk of death in

Study found benefit from drugs known as aromatase inhibitors and bisphosphonates

Well-Off, Active, Over 50? You May Be at Higher Risk for Problem Drinking
Preliminary study suggests sugary sodas help

British study finds this demographic may often indulge more than is good for them

Should I Go to the Clinic for a Cold or Flu?
young woman with the flu

You have a terrible cold -– maybe even the flu. Do you know when to see a doctor? Find out at WebMD.

Nanoparticles: Small Size, Big Health Problems?

The smallest ingredients found in certain food products are raising concerns among some scientists and food safety advocates.

Many Cancer Survivors Who Smoke See Little Benefit to Quitting
Study authors suggest habit might be 'coping

Those who cling to their cigarettes have a different mindset, survey finds

The Truth About Sensory Processing Disorder
boy relaxing on sofa

Is SPD a real childhood crisis or just the latest trend in diagnoses?

The Rising Threat of Hidden Food Allergens

For Donna Pierre, there’s no more important job than reading food labels. Her 7-year-old daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy. WebMD shares their story and looks at the troubling trend of unreliable labels.

Consumers Take the Food Ingredient Fight Online

More and more consumers are using social media and online petitions to urge food manufacturers to change their policies or practices. WebMD has the details.

Flavor-Boosting Phosphate Food Additives Carry Risks for Some

Even in healthy people, there is some evidence that eating too much phosphorus might cause health problems. WebMD explains.

Your Food May Not Be What You Think It Is

The food you’re placing in your grocery cart may not be exactly what it says it is. WebMD has the details.

The Dirty Secrets of 'Clean' Labels

Ingredient lists are being made as short, easy to pronounce, and understand as possible. In the food industry, this is called “clean labeling.” And big companies are racing to do it. WebMD has the details.

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Norovirus is not just on cruise ships
10 things you didn't know you could be allergic to
Doctors try novel way to save severed hand
FDA approves new cholesterol lowering drug
New saliva test may catch Alzheimer's
Fatherhood makes you fat
New car seat could prevent hot car deaths
Walmart and Evenflo announced this week a new infant car seat with technology designed to remind drivers of their backseat passengers, and stop children from dying in hot cars.
Results are in: Hike for your mental health
Does a teen hold the key to curing HIV?
This road trip could save your life
Blind athlete prepares to tackle NYC Triathlon
You won't believe the cost to treat this snake bite
Foods that double as medicine
The science of 'hangry'
Why you stress eat and how to stop it
New weight loss drugs, but no magic pill
Hidden reasons for your overeating
Your diet could be killing you
The secrets to aging gracefully
Where newly banned trans fats are hiding
Where sugar might be hiding in your child's food
Trick your brain to avoid 'portion distortion'
Fit Nation: Training through an injury
Finding your inner champion
What pushed you out of your comfort zone?
Swimming past issues with fear
Time for medical marijuana revolution
Emergency on helicopter as Nepal quake victim stops breathing
President Obama links climate change, public health
Real 'Fault in Our Stars' couple reunited after lung transplant
'Fearless' Ebola nurse trains at Emory University
Angelina Jolie's genetic tests can help you too
Father loses son to addiction, ends up in recovery himself
Embracing life with a bucket list
Why I cried the day my son turned 6
Blind swimmer holds 12 national records
Reddit's 'bullies' pushed me to fight weight gain
If all goes according to plan, in a little less than four months I'll be having gastric bypass surgery. As of this writing I need to lose 149 pounds to be on the upper range of the "normal weight" for my height. That's my Everest, and in a year's time, I plan to conquer it.
When your daughter has anorexia
100 days without fear
From the time she was a little girl, Michelle Poler was afraid of the world. She avoided big, playful dogs, scared they might bite her. Terrified of pain, she dreaded dentist's and doctor's appointments. She missed dinner parties and networking events that required her to drive at night, nervous about getting in an accident. A fear of vomiting kept her from trying foods with unusual textures or flavors.
Dishwasher lost 100 pounds by eating on the job
Laying at the bottom of a skateboard pool in 2011, Lucas Weaver had -- quite literally -- reached rock bottom.
Ill mom writes lifetime of notes for daughter
One year later, your ALS Ice Bucket money goes to...
How the world's deadliest venoms save lives
What would Atticus Finch do?
Don't let the bugs bite
Life on the world's biggest floating hospital
Avoiding pool bacteria, other summer health concerns
Kids with autism don't react to these smells
Will same-sex marriage make America healthier?
Corset training, a celebrity weightloss trend
Mother, son both fighting cancer
Want to be an optimist? Pick up these positive habits
9 ways to fall asleep faster
Unbroken: Husband, wife battle rare cancers
The lamest workout excuses trainers ever heard
Coping with infertility: Don't give up hope, and more advice
When we asked readers to share their infertility stories with us on iReport, they opened up about their personal journeys, but also provided advice for people experiencing infertility, and the families of these couples, as well.
Infertility: When adoption is not an option
Many infertile women are asked, "Why don't you just adopt?" But adoption is too costly for some women. For others, it's not right for their family.
Infertility: Causes and solutions
At a crossroads: 4 infertility journeys
Hospital gowns get fashion makeovers
Will this remove stink from body odor?
A workout for your face?
Can't fully expect when expecting? Accurate gender
What happens when instead of the little girl everyone has been expecting and buying clothes for a little boy ends up being born? Making the wrong call happens more frequently than we realize, perhaps as high as one out of ten times.
Instilling empathy among doctors pays off
This skill is increasingly considered essential to establishing trust, the foundation of a good doctor-patient relationship.
Most Alzheimer's patients aren't diagnosed
The huge Influence of 'Lunch Lady Land'
If you must smoke, do it away from the kids
Men's memories worse than women's
Loneliness increases risk of death?
Doctors claim first successful penis transplant
Child receives his own 'Iron Man' arm
How to help your hangover
Are you an e-hypochrondriac?
A billion at risk for music-related hearing loss
New frontier in apples: Red or golden but never brown
Measles was no big deal -- until my daughter got it
How to really lose weight
'Twin fetuses' found inside newborn baby in Hong Kong
A team of Hong Kong doctors has described an extremely rare medical occurrence -- what appeared to be a pair of fetuses inside the body of a newborn baby girl.
How the Peace Corps continues to fight Ebola
Florida woman gives birth to 14.1-pound baby boy
'Frozen': Why kids can't 'Let It Go'
Aspirin a day may not be necessary for everyone's heart health
Man shows off his double arm transplant
A 40-year-old quad amputee was all thank yous at a news conference as he showed off his two new arm transplants.

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