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Low-Nicotine Cigarettes May Not Lead to More Smoking
Study found strongest link for women who started

Concerns about inhaling more toxic chemicals weren't borne out in study

Some Insurers Refuse To Cover Contraceptives, Despite Health Law Requirement

Some Insurers Refuse To Cover Contraceptives, Despite Health Law Requirement

Talk Therapy Plus Meds May Be Best for Severe Depression
Cognitive behavioral therapy appears to help ease

Combination isn't better than drugs alone for those with mild or chronic mood disorder, study says

U.S. to Tighten Access to Certain Narcotic Painkillers
Nesina, Kazano and Oseni each contain a new

Drugs containing hydrocodone, which include Vicodin, would be affected

Failing Vision Tied to Shorter Lifespans for Seniors
Too little evidence that test benefits adults

Link could be due to faltering ability to carry out daily tasks, researchers say

Rhubarb: Nutritious, Savory Recipe
freshly cut stems of rhubarb

Learn to love oh-so-tart rhubarb with WebMD's savory instead of sweet recipe.

Top Chef's Mike Isabella Cooks a Family Holiday Feast
Mike Isabella

A runner-up in Bravo's hit cooking show shares a Jersey Italian's recipes for a scrumptious holiday dinner.

Racial Disparities in Breast-Feeding May Start With Hospitals, Study Suggests
Early study looked at newborns who were losing

Maternity care practices differ in neighborhoods with more black residents than average, CDC research finds

Air in U.S. Cities Getting Cleaner, EPA Says
Scientists found that wind, humidity raise levels

Levels of many toxins, pollutants have been lowered since 1990, according to the agency

2 U.S. Ebola Patients Released From Hospital
Kent Brantly Ebola

Two Americans infected with Ebola as they cared for patients in West Africa have fully recovered and have been discharged from the Atlanta hospital where they were treated, officials said.

3 Ways to Cook Pork

Festive and flavorful, nutrient-rich tenderloin is as lean as chicken breast. Try it in WebMD's three delicious, innovative recipes.

Summer Tips for Delicious Outdoor Cooking

Wish you knew more about the fine art of grilling outdoors? WebMD's healthy eating expert, Domenica Catelli, shares tips and a lemon chicken recipe.

New Test Helps Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes

But negative result doesn't rule out disease, FDA warns

FDA OKs New Once-Daily Asthma Treatment
human lungs

The FDA has approved Arnuity Ellipta (fluticasone furoate inhalation powder), an inhaled steroid taken once a day to prevent asthma symptoms in people 12 and older, drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline says.

Vanilla: 8 Fun Facts

Why vanilla is rare, expensive, and oh-so-delicious -- especially in WebMD's vanilla panna cotta recipe.

What to Eat as You Age

Your dietary needs change as you age. WebMD advises what should be on your grocery list.

Manage Your Stress for Good Health

WebMD explains how stress can impact your health and what you can do about it.

5 Fun Facts About Parsnips
organic parsnips

Sweet in taste and full of vitamins, the humble parsnip is a boon in winter dishes -– including WebMD's delicious parsnip and potato gratin.

The Five-Meal Plan for Health and Fitness
light healthy meal

Domenica Catelli explores why eating smaller meals (more often) is healthier -- and shares her delicious recipe for Tuscan chicken soup with WebMD.

Consumer Reports Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Tuna
They say levels likely to rise along with

Guideline is prompted by concerns about mercury exposure

MLB Pitcher Curt Schilling Blames Mouth Cancer on Chewing Tobacco

MLB Pitcher Curt Schilling Blames Mouth Cancer on Chewing Tobacco

Are Your Medical Records Vulnerable To Theft?

Are Your Medical Records Vulnerable To Theft?

Botox Tested on Stomach Cancer in Mice
Study authors say findings may someday help

Preliminary research suggests the wrinkle treatment Botox might silence critical nerves that support tumors

Blood Transfusions May Cut Risk of 'Silent' Stroke in Kids With Sickle Cell
More than 400,000 cases annually expected by

Study found children who got monthly infusions were less likely to suffer another attack

Exercise May Guard Against Irregular Heartbeat in Older Women
Women estimated to have more exposure to UV-B

Study found it lowered risk even if they were obese

High-Risk Melanomas Often on Head or Neck
Rate of cell growth may be a key to diagnosis and

Rate of cell growth may be a key to diagnosis and treatment of melanoma, an expert says

Are Microwave Covers Safe?

Yes, they are, WebMD's nutrition expert says. But they may not be necessary.

7 Fun Facts about Kale

This colorful green brings flavor and nutrition to recipes ranging from kale chips to WebMD's hearty kale soup.

Job Stress and Your Heart: Cutting Your Risk

WebMD discusses the connection between job stress and your heart health and what you can do to minimize your risks.

How Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Keeps Fit
Christina Hendricks

Actress Christina Hendricks -– who plays the secretary Joan in the TV series Mad Men -– tells WebMD her secrets for staying in shape.

Peanut, Other Nut Butter Products Recalled by NSpired Natural Foods

Peanut, Other Nut Butter Products Recalled by NSpired Natural Foods

What Is Your Gut Telling You?
Bifidobacterium breve

What gut bacteria says about your health.

Teen Birth Rate Has Dropped Dramatically in Last Two Decades: CDC
Children's scores at age 6 were lower if moms

4 million fewer births attributed to less sex, more contraception, but U.S. rate still higher than comparable nations

Antibiotic Might Raise Heart Risks for Some
It's possible that a gene in European ancestry is

People with underlying heart rhythm disorders may want to avoid clarithromycin, study suggests

Certain Symptoms Can Delay Lupus Diagnosis, Researchers Report
Finding was independent of women's other risk

Headache, seizures often lead doctors down the wrong path

Hospital Discharge a Key Time to Help Smokers Quit
Legislation in Belgium shown to reduce harmful

New study finds that follow-up monitoring and care is crucial

African Mango: What to Know About Irvingia Gabonesis

WebMD discusses African mango supplements touted for losing weight and reducing belly fat.

All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group
These changes may also increase risk for

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says vaccination helps mother and baby

Drug Restores Hair in Alopecia Patients: FAQ

A drug used to treat a rare bone marrow cancer caused hair to grow back in some people with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles, scientists have found.

Fitness Challenge: Abs and Glutes
muscular female body

Crunched for time? WebMD outlines how to tone your tummy and build your butt in just a few minutes.

Children Face Highest Health Risk From Cell Phones
hand holding a cell phone

The potential harm from microwave radiation (MWR) given off by wireless devices, particularly for children and unborn babies, is the highlight of a new review.

Gluten-Free Baking

WebMD talks to experts about how to bake gluten-free foods.

Take 10: Rocco DiSpirito
Rocco DeSpirito

The chef and author tells WebMD about how he juggles his work, his family, and his health.

Can You Drink Alcohol if You Have Diabetes?
man with drink

It all depends on your blood sugar control, WebMD's expert says.

For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study Finds
The auditory deficit was small but significant,

Increased odds for asthma seen into teen years

Certain Antipsychotic Meds Tied to Kidney Problems in Elderly
Nesina, Kazano and Oseni each contain a new

'Off-label' use to treat dementia-related behavior may carry significant risks, study finds

5 Fun Facts About Apricots, Recipe

Small, sweet, and versatile, the golden-hued apricot is low in calories and high in flavor. Try it in WebMD's Apricot-Stuffed Grilled Pork Tenderloin.

How Do Chefs Handle Their Weight? Chef’s Diet Secrets
Chefs hat

WebMD discusses chefs’ diet secrets -- including how they manage their weight, avoid eating all day, and much more.

Beating the Freshman 15
Girl in her dorm room

WebMD outlines how to stay fit, healthy, and at least close to your high school weight during your first year at college.

The Truth About Beer: Calories, Bellies, Nutrition, and More

Bellies, calories, benefits and risks: Learn the beer facts at WebMD.

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Say 'Hello.' You'll live longer
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Twin boys born 24 days apart
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Is red meat really bad for you?
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Nina Teicholz, author of "The Big Fat Surprise."
This is your body on weed
Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how marijuana affects the brain and how pot can be used to treat certain conditions.
See man after 700-lb. loss
Robert Walls tipped the scales at 950 lbs. before he made a big decision that helped him shed hundreds of pounds.
Teacher eats only McDonald's
A teacher only eats McDonald's for 90 days, and LOSES 37 pounds. KCCI reports.
Selfies leading to head lice
Nurses report "selfie" posts are causing an increase in teenagers spreading lice.
World's most dangerous workout?
Is the "sport of fitness" the world's most dangerous workout? CNN's Jarrett Bellini asks CrossFitters and gives it a go.
Hear Mrs. O rap for healthy foods
First lady Michelle Obama raps about food at an event to propose limits on the types of foods advertised in schools.
Brain dead: What it is, what it isn't
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how doctors determine if a patient is brain dead.
Will autopsies answer our questions?
There are dueling narratives in the death of Michael Brown. But the three autopsies done on his body can only tell investigators so much.
Avoid the 'back-to-school plague'
Kids get eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu each year. But there are simple ways to keep them healthy.
You're sabotaging your workout
Not seeing results at the gym? Find out if one of these common exercise culprits is to blame.
Are your medical records at risk?
Here's what you need to know if your records are stored electronically (and they probably are).
Are Ebola survivors now immune?
Two American missionaries infected with the deadly Ebola virus were given an experimental drug.
Identifying 'signs of a struggle'
CNN's Elizabeth Cohen talks to a forensic pathologist about how to determine signs of a struggle between two people.
6 yoga poses for sciatic pain
Sciatica is a real pain in the butt -- and sometimes also in the leg and foot. See six yoga poses that can help provide sciatic pain relief.
Mom loses half her body weight
A dream vacation to Hawaii sounded like a nightmare to Julie Evans because it involved wearing a bathing suit. So when she got home, she vowed to change.
Are your medical records at risk?
Here's what you need to know if your records are stored electronically (and they probably are).
Whiz kids changing medicine
A 10-year-old inventor and a 20-year-old doctor? Meet the whiz kids changing the face of medicine.
Embarrassing diseases are a real pain in the...
There are the diseases you don't want to get because they'll kill you. Then there are the diseases you don't want to get because you are too embarrassed to discuss them out loud, even with your doctor.
Does oil pulling work?
Starting the day off at the beach with your skin smelling of tropical-scented sunscreen can be one of life's greatest pleasures. Smelling coconut oil as you swish it around in your mouth before work -- well, that's another story.
One drink. 8 cookies. Same sugar.
Borders closing over Ebola fears
The West African country of Senegal has closed its borders with Guinea over fears that the Ebola outbreak could spread, according to the Senegalese Interior Ministry.
American patients released
Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, have been released from Emory University Hospital.
'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland has doubled
More than 600 people traveled to Switzerland for the "sole purpose of committing suicide" between 2008 and 2012.
Father of modern yoga dies
BKS Iyengar, the man who brought yoga to the masses, has died at the age of 95. CNN's Sumnima Udas shares his story.
6 yoga poses to help with sciatic nerve pain
Sciatica is a real pain in the butt -- and sometimes also in the leg and foot. See six yoga poses that can help provide sciatic pain relief.
Menopause: What you're not asking (but should!)
Menopause: the permanent end of fertility (and periods!) that commonly happens to women in their late 40s and 50s. For many women, just saying the word can increase anxiety levels.
School lunches face tough taste test
The USDA says 1 million fewer students nationwide are eating federal school lunches since nutrition guidelines were enacted in 2012.
Hypnosis helps mom lose 140 pounds
A dream vacation to Hawaii sounded like a nightmare to Julie Evans because it involved wearing a bathing suit. So when she got home, she vowed to change.
Every day for 23 years, I've struggled to breathe
Breathe in.
Where's my orgasm?
According to studies, 43% of women have experienced some form of sexual dysfunction. Here's what you need to know.
Sugar substitutes 101
This next generation seems way more wholesome than its chem-lab predecessors. But are these sugar subs better for you?
10 yoga poses to beat stress
Don't let stress get the best of you! Start your day off right with this yoga sequence for beginners. These 10 yoga poses will have you feeling refreshed in no time.
You NEED the corner office
Exposure to daylight improves workers mood, communication abilities, effectiveness on the job, sleep, and overall health.
Could blood test predict suicides?
Approximately 36,000 deaths are caused by suicide each year in the United States. What if a simple blood test could one day help prevent that from happening?
Spanking's effect on kids' brains
Researchers say physical punishment actually alters the brain -- not only in an "I'm traumatized!" kind of way, but also in an "I literally have less gray matter in my brain!" kind of way.

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