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Hewlett-Packard posts surprise revenue gain after PC sales spike

A visitor takes a photo with a tablet in front of a Hewlett-Packard (HP) stand at the Mobile World Congress in BarcelonaBy Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co posted a surprise increase in quarterly revenue after sales from its personal computer division climbed 12 percent, but a flat to declining performance from its other units underscored the company's uphill battle to revive growth. HP sales rose a mere 1 percent to $27.6 billion in its fiscal third quarter from $27.2 billion a year earlier. It's trying to reduce a reliance on PCs and move toward servers, storage and networking for enterprises - part of Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman's effort to return the sprawling company to growth. Whitman credited personal computer demand for "coming back some" as consumers and corporations upgrade ageing machines.

Infineon agrees to buy Int'l Rectifier for $3 billion in cash

The headquarters of German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon in NeubibergBy Jens Hack and Maria Sheahan MUNICH/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Merger-shy German chipmaker Infineon has agreed to buy California-based International Rectifier for about $3 billion in cash, Infineon said on Wednesday, in its biggest-ever acquisition. At 1800 GMT, the stock was trading at $39.06, a gain of $12.51 or 47 percent on the day on the New York Stock Exchange. Infineon shares fell 1.72 percent in after-hours trade on the Frankfurt exchange. The stock had closed down 1.38 percent ahead of the announcement, while those of several possible targets, including International Rectifier rose, following reports that Infineon was preparing to buy a U.S.

Verizon denies it plans to open new app store

File picture of a cyber-security expert monitoring telecommunications traffic at a network operations center in a Verizon facility in AshburnBy Marina Lopes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Verizon Communications Inc denied a report on Wednesday it was in talks with carriers and hardware manufacturers to open a new mobile software store. “We have no plans to do that,” Verizon spokeswoman Debra Lewis said. Done that," she added, referring to Verizon's Apps, a mobile software store the company shut down last year. Lewis spoke after The Information, an industry website, reported that Verizon was leading discussions to launch an industry coalition to create a mobile app store.

FBI warns healthcare firms they are targeted by hackers
By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) - The FBI has warned that healthcare industry companies are being targeted by hackers, publicizing the issue following an attack on U.S. "The FBI has observed malicious actors targeting healthcare related systems, perhaps for the purpose of obtaining Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and/or Personally Identifiable Information (PII)," the agency said in a "Flash" alert obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. "These actors have also been seen targeting multiple companies in the healthcare and medical device industry typically targeting valuable intellectual property, such as medical device and equipment development data," the one page document said.
Online video stars mobilize for U.S. net neutrality
By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Online video personalities are joining together to advocate for equal treatment of Internet traffic, aiming to stop the U.S. The video creators are signing an online petition that will be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, which is now considering new "net neutrality" rules governing how broadband providers route Internet traffic. Internet campaigns have impacted policy issues in the past. Organizers hope the new effort, which they are starting to publicize on Wednesday, will raise the visibility of online video creators and the scope of their industry with regulators.
RBS settles copyright lawsuit after U.S. judge blocks software's use

A sign is seen outside a Royal Bank of Scotland building in central LondonBy Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc said on Wednesday it had reached a settlement allowing it to use a key piece of software in its trade finance business that a U.S. Terms of the settlement with Complex Systems Inc were not disclosed. "Our clients remain our primary focus, and this settlement assures them of our continued commitment to our trade finance business," RBS said in a statement.

UPS says 51 retail stores breached by malware
Some customers of The UPS Store may have had their credit and debit card information exposed by a computer virus found on systems at 51 stores in 24 states.
What if your Netflix queue was just a big, virtual room?

What if your Netflix queue was just a big, virtual room?

Weird new Twitter feature lets you build an Acura right inside a tweet

Weird new Twitter feature lets you build an Acura right inside a tweetTwitter has been throwing caution to the wind lately, what with the addition of random tweets to users' timelines, "Buy Now" buttons, and a font tweak that set the typographical world ablaze. Now we're seeing an interesting new use of Twitter cards in advertising: Acura has built a rudimentary configurator for its new TLX model right into a tweet, which lets you choose an engine, a drivetrain, and a color before offering the option of sending an image of the optioned-out vehicle to your followers. Ironically, Acura isn't really known for innovating on design — but it can apparently innovate on social media.

This is how Samsung plans to counter Apple’s big Beats move

This is how Samsung plans to counter Apple’s big Beats moveWhen IFA 2014 begins next week, Samsung is sure to be focused primarily on mobile hardware, but while we wait to see just how big and powerful the Galaxy Note 4 has gotten, let’s take a look at Samsung’s new premium line of Level headphones. Over the past couple of weeks, Samsung has been publishing videos on its YouTube channel highlighting some of the unique features of the new headphones. This week, poet David J was given the spotlight to demonstrate how the S Voice virtual assistant has been integrated into Level. It might be a bit of a stretch for the average user, but with S Voice you could potentially accomplish certain tasks on your smartphone without ever removing it from your pocket.

China's 'bullet screens' combine movies and your snarky texts

China's 'bullet screens' combine movies and your snarky texts

7 Twitter Tips to Help Keep You Sane and Grounded

7 Twitter Tips to Help Keep You Sane and GroundedIn the time since I've joined Twitter, I have probably read just about every article about how to make the most of the social media network. This includes tips on the best times to post tweets, how to gain followers, how to avoid losing followers... basically, how to be a Twitter rock star. So now that I have almost four years of experience...

Netflix rails against ISPs even as it agrees to pay off yet another one for better connections

Netflix rails against ISPs even as it agrees to pay off yet another one for better connectionsNetflix CEO Reed Hastings on Tuesday penned an editorial in Wired in which he defended the free Internet and advocated against the FCC’s Net Neutrality proposals, as well as against the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. But even though Hastings is not afraid to vividly voice his concerns – this isn’t the first time he’s written an editorial on these matters – Netflix was apparently forced to ink its fourth interconnect deal in the U.S. to make sure that TWC broadband subscribers who watch Netflix online get a decent experience. In his Wired editorial, Hastings only mentioned the similar deals Netflix signed with AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, although GigaOm has learned that such a deal is in place with TWC as well after being

Uber pulls into mobile dining and travel apps

Washington, DC taxi drivers park their cars in protest on Pennsylvania Avenue, bringing street traffic to a stop as they demand an end to ride sharing services such as Uber X and Lyft on June 25, 2014Uber teamed up with dining and travel smartphone applications Wednesday as the controversial Internet-age car-hailing service moved to park itself at the heart of mobile lifestyles. The San Francisco-based startup let about a dozen businesses such as Starbucks, Hyatt Hotels, United Airlines, TripAdvisor and restaurant reservation service OpenTable make it simple for people to summon Uber cars from inside their applications for smartphones or tablet computers. "We're excited to partner with Uber to help TripAdvisor travelers conveniently find a ride to their destination in cities throughout the world," TripAdvisor senior vice president of global product Adam Medros said. Uber also released a software kit to allow makers of mobile apps to link to its platform, expanding its reach with a tactic that has proven effective for other Internet firms including Facebook and ramps up pressure on Uber's rivals such as Lyft.

Robots kidnap a human in the first trailer for dark sci-fi film 'Automata'

Robots kidnap a human in the first trailer for dark sci-fi film 'Automata'With just its first trailer, Automata easily takes a place beside Christopher Nolan's Interstellar on the list of the best-looking sci-fi films coming this year. The film takes place in a dark future where robots are quickly gaining consciousness, and things go bad when a small number of them actually become sentient and kidnap a human. What really is sentience and humanity and true thought? Sure, these questions have all been explored before, but with its Blade Runner-esque vision and District 9-kind of grittiness, it looks like Automata will have an interesting take on it all. ...

The Big Picture: NASA's electric plane achieves vertical takeoff

The Big Picture: NASA's electric plane achieves vertical takeoff

Facebook will now pay you money to find bugs in the Oculus Rift

Facebook will now pay you money to find bugs in the Oculus RiftHere's a new way to support your expensive VR habit: hunt for flaws in the code for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, software development kit (SDK), and website. Facebook just announced it is incorporating Oculus, which it acquired in March for $2 billion, into its infamous bug bounty program. Under the program, individual security researchers who report bugs to Facebook may be financially rewarded. Facebook paid out $1.5 million in bug bounties last year.

This Japanese music video is quite strange

This Japanese music video is quite strangeThis is a very weird music video. It starts out seeming like glitchcore, a bunch of 3D models rotating on what feels like a desktop. (Some of it seems to actually be photoshop?) From there, we pass lightly through a seapunk waterfall and into something genuinely unheard of, a kind of tunnel of pixely stock art, digital tatami floors and what appears to be a golden dolphin. The teens are calling it CADcore, a more aggressive variant of renderscape. Mostly, it's bewildering.

Quiz: can you pick the tech product from its obscure codename?

Quiz: can you pick the tech product from its obscure codename?Welcome to the first annual Verge Hack Week. We're totally blowing up our site: we've given our reporters and editors the entire week to play with new tools and experiment with new storytelling ideas, while members of our amazing product team have gathered in New York to help build all sorts of interesting new things. Learn more.

An ode to turn-by-turn navigation: Making ‘lost’ a foreign concept

An ode to turn-by-turn navigation: Making ‘lost’ a foreign conceptLast week, I drove for 11 hours in a vehicle during a single calendar day. I decided to take such an endeavor the evening before, and all told, it took around five minutes to scope out the plan. The morning of, I settled into the adequately posh driver’s seat of a trusty rental car, tossed my iPhone into a Kenu Airframe mount, tapped a few screens, and threw it in drive. And I knew that absolutely everything was going to be just fine. In today’s world, where dozens upon dozens of brand-new, never-before-heard-of technology launches happen on a weekly basis, it’s actually quite difficult to sit still and appreciate the here and now. We moan about Google Maps’ lack of

HP in better position now to make acquisitions: CEO
Hewlett-Packard Co is in a better position today to make acquisitions than in the past year, given its $4.7 billion in net cash and as it evaluates its overall cloud software capability, Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman said in an interview. "we're in a position to make acquisitions the way we weren't over the past year," she said.
Netflix made an awesome virtual reality interface for the Oculus Rift

Netflix made an awesome virtual reality interface for the Oculus RiftLike any good Silicon Valley company, Netflix has the occasional Hack Day, in which it allows its engineers to forgo their other responsibilities and just build something cool. It turns out Netflix engineers have some pretty awesome ideas. Today, the company released a handful of videos of its favorite Hack Day projects, including a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix in a mini screen while you do something else and a way to match your movie to your room's ambient lighting with Philips Hue bulbs. Netflix did of course provide the "most or all of these projects are just fun and will never actually be a part of Netflix" disclaimer, but if it doesn't eventually make the floating, flying, gesture-based Oculix interface for the Oculus Rift, then, well, everything is ruined.

Confessions of a Recovering Cybersleuth

Confessions of a Recovering CybersleuthEver since the Internet was created, I've been using it to dig up all sorts of information on everyone I know. I can't help it; it's in my nature. Well, let's admit it, we've all Googled our friends and neighbors, and creeped on others' Facebook pages. But in my case, it's worse, and at times I have worried that perhaps I've crossed the line...

Google sees over 1 million daily takedown requests for pirate links

Google sees over 1 million daily takedown requests for pirate links

Verizon can't tell new HTC phones apart in its latest ad

Verizon can't tell new HTC phones apart in its latest adVerizon's also positioning the One M8 Windows Phone version as "another Verizon exclusive," despite the fact that AT&T says it's getting it too.

Great news: The next-gen iPad Air might not have miserably wimpy RAM

Great news: The next-gen iPad Air might not have miserably wimpy RAMSpecs certainly aren’t everything, but Apple fans should still be relieved to know that the next-generation iPad Air will feature a memory boost up from the 1GB of RAM the first-generation model had. Per MacRumors, Taiwanese publication TechNews is reporting that Apple’s followup to the iPad Air will feature a full 2GB of RAM, which just happens to be the same amount of memory that came with Google’s last Nexus 7 tablet when it was announced more than a year ago. As MacRumors explains, boosting the new iPad Air up to 2GB of RAM is important mostly because the device is expected to feature iOS 8-enabled split-screen multitasking for the first time, which will obviously require more memory than what the first-gen iPad

The awesome oldies mix from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is still the best-selling album in the country

The awesome oldies mix from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is still the best-selling album in the countryThere are a lot of good things about Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot is one. The fact that Vin Diesel plays Groot is another. Chris Pratt is also awesome. But one of the very best things about the summer blockbuster is its soundtrack, the "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" that even factors into the plot of the movie. By some alchemical mix of the movie itself and the combined excellence of the Jackson 5, David Bowie, Redbone, and the Raspberries, this collection of music from the '70s has now spent two consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. ...

MLB hopes to ease blackouts on streaming local games

MLB hopes to ease blackouts on streaming local games

I'm the victim of a Spotify bully

Quiz: can you pick the tech product from its obscure codename?As part of Verge Hack Week, we've invited great minds from around Vox Media to contribute their thoughts on the future of everything — from food to fashion to the written word. In this installment, we welcome Vox Media senior support manager Cory Williams. Spencer qualifies highly on my list of coworkers that I am genuinely excited to see in the Vox Media office. I’d make a dumb comment about how the Florida Gators might have a winning record this season, and we’d have some other friendly but nondescript chatter.

Watch two fish duke it out in 'Street Fighter' on a live internet stream

Watch two fish duke it out in 'Street Fighter' on a live internet stream

Professor Steve Ballmer: coming this fall to Stanford, this spring to USC

Professor Steve Ballmer: coming this fall to Stanford, this spring to USCNow that he has stepped away from Microsoft — first as CEO and then as board member — new Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer will be driving down the California highway, teaching business classes as he goes. First up is Stanford's Graduate School of Business. According to Business Insider, he'll be "working with faculty member Susan Athey for a strategic management course called 'TRAMGT588: Leading organizations.'" After Christmas break, Ballmer will pack up his 1970 Pontiac GTO, roll the windows down, blast the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, and drive 250 miles down I-5 S to teach a yet-to-be-identified class at USC's Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles this spring — just in time to catch the rest of the Clippers season.

SeaWorld trainers will not be able to swim with killer whales again

SeaWorld trainers will not be able to swim with killer whales againSeaWorld has decided not to appeal several citations from OSHA that it received after the 2010 drowning of a trainer who was swimming with a killer whale. The Associated Press reports that, as a result, SeaWorld trainers will not be able to swim with killer whales during shows in the future, which could help to remove some criticism from the park. SeaWorld's initial appeal of the citations was rejected back in April, and it's been keeping trainers out of the water since before then because of OSHA. SeaWorld is also making larger tanks for the whales SeaWorld has been receiving a good deal of negative attention thanks to the documentary Blackfish, which highlights the drowning and rose to popularity after its release through TV screenings and streaming services like Netflix.

Shazam breaks 100 million monthly user mark

Shazam announces that 100 million people use its song-recognition mobile service monthly in a 34 percent surge from a year earlierShazam announced Wednesday that 100 million people use its song-recognition mobile service monthly in a 34 percent surge from a year earlier. Shazam applications have been downloaded to more than 500 million mobile devices since the the 1999 launch of the firm, which said it was adding users at the rate of 13 million monthly. "Shazam is evolving from being a way to identify a song to a way for people to explore and connect with the world around them," chief executive Rich Riley said in a statement.

Look at what two years on Mars did to the Curiosity Rover

Look at what two years on Mars did to the Curiosity RoverNASA's Curiosity rover just recently finished its second year exploring Mars, and the red planet's harsh environment has taken its toll. Below is a before-and-after look at a variety of instruments and features on Curiosity and the wear they've endured during the rover's first two years, made from images uploaded by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Each image is either from the MAHLI imager or the Mastcam, and is also labeled with the Sol number (sol = one Martian solar day, the mission is currently on Sol 724) during which each image was taken. One of the biggest problems that NASA has faced is damage to Curiosity's six wheels.

The most brutal Comcast call yet: Customer gets shuffled through 6 reps, issue remains unfixed

The most brutal Comcast call yet: Customer gets shuffled through 6 reps, issue remains unfixedIf you thought Ryan Block had a rough time with Comcast customer service then you haven’t seen anything yet. Taking an example from others who have recorded their terrible Comcast customer service experiences and posted them on the Internet, YouTube user Douglas A. Dixon has posted a customer service call that lasted a brutal one-and-a-half hours in which he was shuffled through a whopping six different customer service representatives, none of whom knew how to solve his problem. FROM EARLIER: Comcast customer tries to cancel service, gets put on hold for over 3 hours until office closes Dixon, who posted about his experience on Reddit, simply wanted to find out why his Internet service was still only capable of reaching a top

The Phone Call

The Phone CallThis Labor Day marks one year from the scary phone call I received. It took me this long to finally be able to face the facts and write it down. Just like a usual Labor Day for a startup in Silicon Valley, I asked my nanny to work and look after my four children. I was at work busily getting ready to ship Nest's second product -- Protect, the...

Skype chat notifications will now only hit the device you're using

Skype chat notifications will now only hit the device you're using

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The other U.S. reporter ISIL is holding

James Foley Backlash: US Continues to Bombard Isis Despite Threat to Kill Second Journalist Steven SotloffSteven Sotloff's family is asking the White House to do everything it can to free him.

Afghanistan gives NYT journalist 24 hours to leave country

New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg speaks during an interview in KabulAfghanistan has given a New York Times reporter 24 hours to leave the country, accusing him of not cooperating with an investigation into his reporting, the Attorney General's office said on Wednesday. Matthew Rosenberg, 40, was summoned for questioning on Tuesday after the newspaper ran a story about officials discussing plans to form an interim government and "seize power" if a deadlock over the presidential election failed to break soon. "Due to the lack of proper accountability and non-cooperation, the Attorney General's office has decided that Matthew Rosenberg should leave Afghanistan within 24 hours," the office said in a statement. "We were also never informed of a formal investigation and we do not understand how insisting on the right to a lawyer is not cooperating.” Afghanistan is in the midst of a ballot that has dragged on for months, with both candidates claiming victory after the June 14 run-off and allegations of mass fraud threatening to derail the process.

Convicted killer Jodi Arias wins delay in penalty phase retrial

Jodi Arias looks at her defense attorney Jennifer Willmott during a hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court in PhoenixConvicted killer Jodi Arias, who could face the death penalty for the murder of her ex-boyfriend at his Phoenix area home more than six years ago, won a three-week delay on Wednesday in the retrial of the penalty phase of the case. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens granted a request by Arias, who is acting as her own attorney in the penalty phase retrial, to push back jury selection until Sept. 29, according to a court spokeswoman.    Arias, 34, asked for the delay from Sept. 8 because of problems meeting with a potential witness, the spokeswoman said. The judge’s decision came after a closed-door hearing on Wednesday morning and was announced later by the court.     A state jury convicted Arias in May 2013 of killing Travis Alexander in a headline-grabbing case that was broadcast live on the Internet and attracted thousands of avid trial watchers nationwide.

Ukrainian fighter plane shot down as clashes kill dozens

Another Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down Near Russian BorderA Ukrainian warplane was blown out of the sky over rebel-held territory Wednesday as fierce clashes between government troops and pro-Russian insurgents left dozens of civilians dead. Fighting intensified as Kiev appeared to ramp up a deadly offensive to crush the ailing rebellion in the east ahead of a fresh round of diplomacy that will see the presidents of Russia and Ukraine meet next week for the first time in months. Military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said a Su-25 jet was shot close to the second-largest insurgent bastion of Lugansk, where government forces claim to have battled back control over several districts in the past few days. Clashes in and around the other major rebel stronghold of Donetsk killed 43 civilians in the past 24 hours, local authorities said.

Obama ‘heartbroken’ by Foley beheading

FILE - This undated file still image from video released April 7, 2011, by GlobalPost, shows James Foley of Rochester, N.H., a freelance contributor for GlobalPost, in Benghazi, Libya. In a horrifying act of revenge for U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq, militants with the Islamic State extremist group have beheaded Foley — and are threatening to kill another hostage, U.S. officials say. (AP Photo/GlobalPost, File)But the president vowed to press on with U.S. operations to eliminate ISIL's “cancer."

Ferguson cop in Michael Brown shooting had ‘serious facial injury'

The Ferguson police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager reportedly suffered “a serious facial injury” in the altercation before firing the fatal shots.

Airstrike kills wife, child of Hamas commander

Palestinians grieve over the death of their relative Widad Mustafa Deif, 27, who was killed along with her 8-month-old son Ali Mohammed Deif in Israeli strikes in Gaza City late Tuesday, during their funeral in Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. She was the wife of Mohammed Deif, the leader of the Hamas military wing. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)JERUSALEM (AP) — Hamas' shadowy military chief escaped an apparent assassination attempt that killed his wife and 2-year-old son, the militant group said Wednesday as Israeli premier: 'We will not stop' Gaza operation

Calif. patient tested for possible Ebola exposure

An MSF medical worker wears protective clothing at an Ebola treatment facility in Kailahun, on August 15, 2014, Sierra LeoneBlood samples from a patient at a Northern California hospital, who is suspected of having been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus, will be tested by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, officials said. There have been no confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States, though two American relief workers who contracted the disease in Liberia were flown back to America for treatment earlier this month. In the latest case, a patient admitted to South Sacramento Medical Center in California's state capital may have been exposed to the Ebola virus, Kaiser Permanente, the company that operates the hospital, said in a statement Tuesday.

Marine killed in crash on surprise visit to little brother

Marine FuneralFORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — A Colorado Marine killed in a crash in Utah last week was on his way home to surprise his little brother on the first day of school.

China, Russia, Egypt scold US on aftermath in Ferguson

A RELATIVELY CALM NIGHT IN FERGUSONBy Angus MacSwan LONDON (Reuters) - Governments scolded by the United States over their human rights records have seized on racial unrest and a police crackdown in the Missouri town of Ferguson to wag their fingers back in disapproval. Adversaries and uneasy allies from Russia and Iran to China and Egypt have accused the United States of hypocrisy as images of police brandishing lethal weapons and tear-gassing protesters have been shown around the world. Many of the countries draw criticism of their own democratic credentials from independent rights group as well as the U.S. Nonetheless, activists say the events in Ferguson, where the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman has provoked 11 nights of protests, undermine the United States' credibility in criticizing others.

Highest US authorities: ISIS video authentic

Journalist James Foley reportedly executedAnalysis of video showing journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff indicates it's for real.

Zombie fungus has horrific way of spreading

Zombie Fungus Makes 'Sniper's Alley' Around Ant ColoniesA fungus that turns worker ants into zombie henchmen has a surprisingly clever strategy to recruit new hosts. The parasitic fungus in question, Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis, is named for the species of carpenter ant that it inhabits, Camponotus rufipes.

Ashamed Jackie Chan apologizes for son's drug bust

Jackie Chan's son arrested in major drug sweep in ChinaBEIJING (AP) — Jackie Chan apologized to the public Wednesday over his son's detention on drug charges in Beijing, saying he's ashamed and saddened.

Chicago hostage standoff ends, 4 freed

Chicago hostage standoffTwo suspects captured ending deadlock that lasted more than 20 hours.

Israel steps up air strikes as Gaza buries dead

Undated file picture shows Mohammed Deif, military leader of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, at an unknown locationIsraeli warplanes pounded Gaza Wednesday as furious mourners buried the wife and child of Hamas's top military commander, baying for revenge as nine days of calm exploded into bloodshed. Mohammed Deif, who has topped Israel's most wanted list for more than a decade, escaped the strike with Hamas saying he was still alive and calling the shots in the ongoing confrontation. So far, 20 Gazans have been killed since Palestinian militants launched a barrage of rockets on southern Israel on Tuesday and F16 fighter jets carried out retaliatory air strikes, Palestinian medics say. The bloodshed pushed to 2,038 the number of Gazans killed in six weeks of the most violent confrontation between Israel and Hamas militants since the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising (2000-2005).

Macy's settles racial profiling suit to tune of six-figure sum

Macy's To Pay $650,000 In Shopper-Profiling ProbeThe retailer will also adopt new policies on police access to its security camera monitors.

Big mistake leads wanted man right into cops' hands

Ferguson memorial Michael BrownSPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say a wanted man has been arrested after he rear-ended a Spokane, Washington, detective's car.

More weapons heading for Iraq's kurds, from unlikely source

A boy looks into a Leopard tank barrel during an army picnic following a military parade marking Polish Armed Forces Day, in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, Aug.15, 2014. Poland is holding its biggest military parade in years with tanks and soldiers moving through central Warsaw and military aircraft flying overhead. The parade comes on the August 15 holiday that honors a stunning Polish victory against Russian Bolsheviks in 1920. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany is prepared to send arms to Kurdish security forces in northern Iraq fighting Islamic State militants, Germany's foreign and defence ministers said on Wednesday. Military equipment such as helmets and security vests would be sent immediately, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said, adding that Berlin had agreed also to send weapons. "We can imagine providing further equipment, including weapons. Great Britain, Italy and France have decided to send such goods and we are prepared to do so too," he told reporters. ...

Massive humanitarian airlift to N. Iraq starts

C-130 Hercules cargo plane marks 60th anniversaryA humanitarian airlift to northern Iraq began on Wednesday, kicking off a 10-day operation to provide tents and other aid to half a million displaced people who are struggling for survival, the United Nations' refugee agency UNHCR said. "This is a massive logistics operation ... to help the hundreds of thousands of desperate people who have fled suddenly with nothing but their lives and are now struggling to survive in harsh conditions," said U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres.  Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes since the militant Islamic State group swept through much of the north and west of Iraq in June, threatening to break up the country. Iraq's escalating crisis means that the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq is now hosting more than 600,000 internally displaced civilians, including more than 200,000 people who fled the Sinjar area since early August, the UNHCR said. In all, an estimated 1.2 million people have been uprooted in Iraq so far this year, including half a million in the western Anbar region, it said.

UK searches for info on Foley's killer

James FoleyBritish government "urgently investigating" identity of hooded, apparently British executioner.

Fears Ebola has spread to another African country

Angolans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo wait with bags at the train station in Kinshasa on August 19, 2014 as ten of thousands prepare to return homeDemocratic Republic of Congo has sent its health minister and a team of experts to the remote northern Equateur province after several people died there from a disease with Ebola-like symptoms, a local official and a professor said on Wednesday. "An illness is spreading in Boende but we don't know the origin," said Michel Wangi, a spokesman for the governor's office. "The government has sent a team of experts from the INRB(National Institute of Biomedical Research) this morning led by the health minister (Felix) Kabange Numbi and acting governor Sebastian Impeto." A professor accompanying the delegation in the presidential plane confirmed that they were en route this morning to find out "the exact nature of the illness that caused the Boende deaths". An Equateur resident who asked not to be named said that around ten people had died, including four health care workers, after suffering from fever, diarrhoea and bleeding from the ears and nostrils - all symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.

What happens when an old, dead oil well gets 're-fracked'?

Drilling wells are pictured in Los AngelesHydraulic fracturing, which has upended global energy markets by lifting U.S. Canada's Encana Corp invested $2 million to refrack two wells in Louisiana's Haynesville shale formation earlier this year, after seeing its production in the area dip 27 percent from 2012 levels.     "There were a significant number of wells that we considered understimulated," said David Martinez, Encana's senior manager for Haynesville development.     Using minuscule plastic balls, known as diverting agents, pumped at high speeds with water into the old wells, most of which are three to five years old, Encana blocked some the older fractures, or cracks.     "The thought is that the diverting agent will go to the cracks with the least amount of pressure," bypassing cracks with higher pressure and boosting the pressure of the entire well so output climbs, Martinez said.     He said the process can't be as precisely controlled as an initial round of hydraulic fracturing, in which water, chemicals and sand into are blasted into rock to unlock oil and gas.

North Korea insults John Kerry over his looks

In this Monday, Aug. 11, 2014 file photo, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry points a finger as he arrives in Sydney. In its latest personal attack on a prominent official, North Korea has called Kerry a wild dog with a "hideous lantern jaw." (AP Photo/Peter Parks, Pool)SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — In its latest personal attack on a prominent official from a rival country, North Korea on Wednesday called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wolf with a "hideous lantern jaw."

Remembering James Foley, killed by ISIS

In this Friday, May 27, 2011, file photo, journalist James Foley responds to questions during an interview with The Associated Press, in Boston. A video by Islamic State militants that purports to show the killing of Foley by the militant group was released Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014. Foley, from Rochester, N.H., went missing in 2012 in northern Syria while on assignment for Agence France-Press and the Boston-based media company GlobalPost. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)Journalist "gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people," says mother.

Disaster hits Hiroshima, 36 dead

JSDF soldiers and police officers carry the body of a victim in a plastic bag at a site where a landslide swept through a residential area at Asaminami ward in HiroshimaBy Toru Hanai HIROSHIMA (Reuters) - At least 36 people, including several children, were killed in Japan on Wednesday, when landslides triggered by torrential rain slammed into the outskirts of the western city of Hiroshima, and the toll could rise further, police said.

Stunning sight above Moscow angers Kremlin

A worker repaints a star yellow at the top of a Stalin-era skyscraper in Moscow blue, on August 20, 2014. The star was painted in yellow and blue, the Ukrainian national colors, by unknown peopleA Ukrainian flag was unfurled on the top of a Moscow skyscraper within sight of the Kremlin on Wednesday, officials said, as fighting in eastern Ukraine has frayed bilateral ties. The Soviet star crowning the Stalin-era skyscraper, located just a kilometre (half a mile) from the Kremlin, was also painted in the yellow and blue colours of the national flag. "The flag was attached by unidentified criminals to the top of the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment skyscraper," a spokesman for the Russian emergencies ministry, Roman Kilkeyev, told AFP. Tensions between Moscow and Kiev have soared since Viktor Yanukovich was chased from power in Ukraine and replaced with a pro-Western government in February.

Ferguson protests smaller, more subdued

A man is arrested as police try to disperse a crowd in Ferguson, Mo. early Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. On Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, a white police officer fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in the St. Louis suburb. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)Despite some clashes, the overall scene was more restrained than the past five nights.

NYC mayor turns to clergy to heal rift over police choke hold

Reverend Sharpton speaks next to Cardinal Dolan and New York City mayor de Blasio during a news conference after interfaith roundtable meeting in ManhattanBy Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio turned to the city's religious leaders on Wednesday to help heal relations between minority communities after a black man on Staten Island died last month after police put him in a choke hold. De Blasio held a private meeting with his police commissioner and a dozen Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergymen. Afterwards they held a press conference that at times sounded more like a prayer service, with repeated paeans to the importance of unity. The event was in some ways a do-over for de Blasio, whose seven-month-old mayoralty faces its first civil-rights test in the death of Eric Garner.

Lawyer: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl wants to attend college

FILE - In this file image taken from video obtained from Voice Of Jihad Website, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, sits in a vehicle guarded by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan. Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, wants to attend college once the investigation into how he was captured by the Taliban is finished, his attorney said Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. (AP Photo/Voice Of Jihad Website via AP video, File)HOUSTON (AP) — An Army sergeant held as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan for five years wants to attend college once the investigation into how he was captured by the Taliban is finished, his attorney said Wednesday.

Obama: U.S. won't stop confronting Islamic State

FILE - This undated file still image from video released April 7, 2011, by GlobalPost, shows James Foley of Rochester, N.H., a freelance contributor for GlobalPost, in Benghazi, Libya. In a horrifying act of revenge for U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq, militants with the Islamic State extremist group have beheaded Foley — and are threatening to kill another hostage, U.S. officials say. (AP Photo/GlobalPost, File)President Barack Obama pledged Wednesday to continue to confront Islamic State militants despite the beheading of an American journalist in Iraq, standing firm in the face of the militants' threats to kill another hostage unless the U.S. military changes course.

That's Rather Subterranean: Come Explore the World's Only Underground Bunker Town

That's Rather Subterranean: Come Explore the World's Only Underground Bunker TownPhoto via Messy Nessy Chic Forced underground by insane desert temperatures—think 125 °F on an average day— the 2,000 residents of Coober Pedy, Australia have taken their entire (waterless!) mining village underground, marking the first-ever subterranean town on the planet....

Eaterwire: Gardner Now Hiring Servers; Last Call for TMBBQ Tickets; No Va's One Year Anniversary

Eaterwire: Gardner Now Hiring Servers; Last Call for TMBBQ Tickets; No Va's One Year AnniversaryEAST 6TH — The Contigo team's new vegetable-focused project Gardner is now hiring servers. They're slated to open this fall. ZOMG BBQ FEST — Texas Monthly wants you to know this is the last call to score tickets to their...

Tony Stewart skips 3rd race after Ward's death

FILE - In this May 22, 2014, file photo, Tony Stewart, left, talks with Kevin Harvick before qualifying for a NASCAR Sprint Cup series auto race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C. Stewart is skipping a second straight Sprint Cup race, and it is not clear when the NASCAR star might return after he struck and killed a driver at a dirt-track race in New York last weekend. (AP Photo/Terry Renna, File)CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Tony Stewart will not race Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway, the third Sprint Cup race he's skipped since his car struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. during a sprint car race.

Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans

Protesters rally outside the office of St Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch on August 20, 2014Outrage over the fatal shooting of an African-American teenager is giving way to anger that the white police officer who pulled the trigger might never face justice. Several dozen protesters gathered Wednesday outside the St Louis County prosecutor's office, calling for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson to stand trial for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Potentially, it could invite Wilson to appear, county prosecutor Robert McCulloch told St Louis news media. Nearby, US Attorney General Eric Holder, on a day trip from Washington, mingled with Ferguson community leaders and residents, as a federal Justice Department civil rights investigation into Brown's death rolls on.

Iceland Evacuates Some Tourists, But No Signs of an Eruption Yet

Iceland Evacuates Some Tourists, But No Signs of an Eruption YetThe waiting and watching continues in Iceland, where Barðarbunga volcano still shows no signs of erupting. Barðarbunga volcano is at orange alert, which signifies a possible eruption and is the fourth level on a five-grade scale. The volcano is in a remote region of southwest Iceland, and an eruption poses no immediate threat to local communities. Barðarbunga is buried beneath the Vatnajökull ice cap.

Curbed Cuts: Pharrell's Dour Downstairs Neighbor Lists; Wacky Walgreens

Curbed Cuts: Pharrell's Dour Downstairs Neighbor Lists; Wacky Walgreens1) Brickell: A not-so-'Happy' looking condo in the same building as Pharrell Williams' exuberant penthouse is on the market. The apartment, which is pretty much entirely painted grey, is listed for $1.39 million. 2) South Beach: The latest in...

SeaWorld drops appeal in safety ruling over dead orca trainer

Visitors are greeted by an Orca killer whale as they attend a show featuring the whales during a visit to the animal theme park SeaWorld in San Diego, CaliforniaBy Barbara Liston ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) - SeaWorld Entertainment has ended its appeal of a federal safety agency's citation in connection with the 2010 death of one of its killer whale trainers, the company has told investors. Trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed in front of horrified spectators at a SeaWorld show in Orlando, Florida, when a 29-year-old male orca named Tilikum dragged her under water. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a ruling that SeaWorld had violated its duties as an employer by exposing trainers to "recognized hazards" when working with killer whales. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to require SeaWorld to limit the interactions trainers have with killer whales.

Prosecutor: Gunman camped out before killings

A road block closes access to Bastendorf Beach outside Coos Bay, Ore., on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014, where authorities say a drive-by gunman shot five vehicles, killing a Michigan man as he slept, then shot and killed himself. Authorities say they have reason to believe the gunman, Zachary Levi Brimhall, 34, of Dillard, Ore., may also have "done harm" to his father, whose vehicle was found in another rural area of Coos County. The investigation was slowed by the discovery of explosives in Brimhall's vehicle. (AP Photo/Angelica Carrillo/KCBY)Zachary Levi Brimhall called his father from the Coast Range in Southern Oregon on Monday to say his car had broken down and to ask for help. When Ray Brimhall arrived, his 34-year-old son shot him repeatedly, killing him.

Obama: US won't stop confronting Islamic State

Obama: US won't stop confronting Islamic StatePresident Barack Obama pledged Wednesday to continue to confront Islamic State militants despite the beheading of an American journalist in Iraq.

Holder discusses police mistrust outside Ferguson

Attorney General Eric Holder during his meeting at the FBI building in St. Louis, Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. Holder has told Ferguson community leaders that he has assigned the federal government's "most experienced agents and prosecutors" to the investigation of a white police officer's fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Pool)FLORISSANT, Mo. (AP) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has told members of the Ferguson community that as a black man he understands why many African-Americans mistrust the police.

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