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Fabled Las Vegas casino closes
And another one bites the dust. One of the few remaining vestiges of Vegas' Rat Pack era shuttered when the Riviera Hotel & Casino closed its doors Monday.
Iconic America: How to get that shot
Yes, you can cycle round the world. Here's how ...
Drink here now: World's best hotel bars
The best restaurants in America are...
What makes a restaurant the hottest destination in town?
America's hottest liquor shot is ...
When drinkers in Clayton's, a beachfront bar in South Padre Island, Texas, belly up for a round of shots, bartender Casey Belue can usually guess what they'll order.
Eating healthy with Iggy Pop
Anthony Bourdain sits down for a meal in Miami, Florida, with Iggy Pop on "Parts Unknown," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Remarkable buildings from World's Fairs past
Could these plane patents become reality?
Calbuco Volcano erupts for third time in 8 days
Ecuador: 11 things to know before you go
When people think Ecuador they think the Galapagos and while those enchanted islands are incredible there's a lot more to this Andean country.
Nepal's landmarks before and after quake
Photographer turns waves into mesmerizing water mountains
Australian coalminer-turned -photographer Ray Collins braves perilous conditions in storm-churned oceans to reveal a dreamlike world of frozen waves.
World's most spectacular photographs
3.69-carat diamond found in Arkansas park
Can a prayer for diamonds actually turn up a gem?
Where in the world?
Each day, CNN producers select a user-submitted photo to be our Travel Photo of the Day. Click through the gallery to see stunning shots from around the world and share your best travel photos.
The long-standing dream of Miami
Questlove's guide to Miami
Crackpots, dreamers and con men built this city
Anthony Bourdain explores Miami, a city often seen as the ultimate reward for life lived right.
Eating healthy with Iggy Pop
Anthony Bourdain sits down for a meal in Miami, Florida, with Iggy Pop on "Parts Unknown," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Beginning at the end of a night out in South Korea
Karaoke can make your career
Anthony Bourdain travels to South Korea, where he's reminded of the country's voracious appetite for a good time.
Anthony Bourdain picks his top 10 episodes
4 tricks to distract you from airplane cabin crush
FAA finds Dreamliner could lose all power, issues maintenance mandate
Disaster-hit Malaysia Airlines offloads A380 superjumbo fleet
The best U.S. airline rewards program is ....
Super luxurious hotel in the sky unveiled
Progress Eagle: The plane of tomorrow
In the future, planes could be like zero-emission hotels in the sky, running on solar cells and hydrogen engines.
On board the cruise ship of the future
Why can't America have high-speed trains?
The perils of flying with instruments
Whatever happens in Vegas gets blown to bits in Vegas
11 of America's most spectacular libraries
10 best U.S. beaches for families
The best family beaches have more than a sandy spot to sunbathe or clean water for swimming.
Exploring NYC's creepiest abandoned spaces
The world's happiest countries are ...
And the world's best island is ...
Rio statue guy's guide to taking epic selfies
There are selfies -- and then there are selfies that make people say "Jesus Christ!" Lee Thompson became an Internet sensation when he became the first ever person to snap a selfie from the top of Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue.
13 breathtaking buildings that defy gravity
There are many ways architects can surprise us, but with these structures we find ourselves literally holding our breath. Perched precariously on the edges of hills, on high stilts, or too-narrow foundations, a deep exhale in their direction could very well topple these buildings, or so it would seem.
The hottest hotels for 2015
Wackiest hotel guest requests
And the world's best hotel is ...
The world's hottest national cuisines
If you haven't already worked dishes from these emerging foodie destinations into your eating rotation, you will soon
Tuna sperm is the new foie gras?
Noodles so good they win awards
10 street foods to make you drool
Best sandwiches in New Orleans
Throwback airline ads showcase '60s chic
World's most dramatic runways
10 of the world's coolest hotel plunge pools
Hey, tourists, leave them monks alone!
15 of nature's most spectacular shows
If Barbie owned a superyacht, this would be it
And the world's busiest airport is ...
The fastest plane in the world
Japan's 31 most beautiful places
Cruisers' choice: Best cruise ships of 2015
The TSA's extraordinary Instagram account
Super avgeeks ride rare North Korean airliners
The world's most colorful landscapes
An elephant in your lap: Flying in an F-16

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